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6D Face LOG : Lunchtime Face Lift

6D Face LOG

Previously, Hello Magazine of Thailand had the opportunity to interview with Dr.Nida about 6D Face LOG, the newest treatment program developed in 2022 based on the concept of "Personalized Beauty" and the principle of Personalization & Combination, which is Dr.Nida's secret to looking ten years dazzlingly younger than her actual age despite being 52 years old. This allowed her to win the Hello Beauty Award for Editor's Choice for the Leader in Aesthetic Laser Technology in the year 2022. Hello Magazine today questions Dr.Nida about the concepts and details of this outstanding endeavor.

“My personal conviction that ‘Facial lifting alone is not the ultimate solution to having a perfect youthful facial skin as it should involve tightening effects together with with firmness’ has led me to innovate the 6D Face LOG Program. The idea is currently well-accepted since everyone wants to look as charming and beautiful as Lisa Black Pink, the global standard for beauty, whose adorable face is firm, toned, and radiant.”

In 2002, non-surgical facelifts were performed using High Radio Frequency energy, and in following years, High Focus Ultrasound energy was used to elevate facial muscles without surgery, which appears to be the aim of those who desire younger-looking facial skin but do not want surgery at the time. However, it was noted in studies of treatment outcomes from 20 years since the birth of these technologies that they had circumstantially eliminated the fat cells that were "youthful ones". While it does lift up our faces, the end result could be bony and unpleasant so the outcome usually appears to be "aged," rather than rejuvenated. This is because to accomplish the perfect "younger-looking", it entails more than simply tightness but it also entails "firmness as well," which is another indication of facial youth.

"In order to regain lost firmness and look younger, facial remodeling using hyaluronic acid fillers, our own fat, or stem cells is becoming more and more common nowadays. Therefore, I ask myself: "What can be done as a dermatologist to meet the needs of patients who do not want to receive injections or take any risks in order for them to be able to turn back the hands of time and have a face that looks outstandingly younger than their actual age without taking any risk or having any downtime? In other words, tighten and revitalize your facial skin without hazards or the use of surgeries.


6D Face LOG

“Recently, I was successful in developing the program 6D Face LOG : Lunchtime Facelift, which is “a facial lifting program with 6-dimensional facial filling during lunch break” without injections or surgery, and the results are visible right away."

"Lift Face & Lock Youth" or "Tighten + Revitalize" is a concept I devised to completely and safely restore youthfulness and firmness. I have combined the strengths of 2 of the most cutting-edge lifting technologies authorized by the US FDA in 2019 and 2021."

Dr.Nida’s Personal Design & Experience

"I took my own problem as a prototype to create this program and used Vectra 3D - a 3 dimensional AI - to help me assess the facial structure needed to be changed for rejuvenated and youthful appearance."

“According to the AI, I discovered that rejuvenating facial structure requires 6 skin restructuring points, resulting in the program I created- 6D Face LOG, a 6D facelift during lunch time.”

6D Face LOG

Lift  Face : By Sofwave 6D  >> Superb TM

“For the “Lift Face” process to achieve a tightened face without damaging the youthful fat cells, I chose SofwaveTM which is trending all over the world right now.”

"SuperbTM Technology is a feature of SofwaveTM, which concurrently transmits parallel ultrasonic waves into the skin at a depth of 1.5 mm to 7 Lines, which is the depth appropriate for elevating the face at all points from the forehead to the neck. This technology can actually "lift" the face without eliminating the youthful fat layer, and it also produces results that are far more satisfying than those obtained using conventional techniques, particularly when it comes to raising the eyebrows, widening the eyelids, and lifting the face in the chin and neck regions. My own experience has shown that the outcomes are quite evident and natural. In addition to not hurting and not making you look aged like the conventional methods, you may immediately expect the noticeable difference.

6D Face LOG

Lock Youth : By  Fotona 6D >> Inside Out Lifting

"I award the Fotona 6D for the ‘Lock Youth’ process for facial rejuvenation. From my personal experience, I can tell you that it can indeed make your face look gloriously younger. I truly appreciate the outcomes as it can indeed create childlike facial skin once again due to the more firmness in the mid-face area.”

“Fotona 6D is a new dimension in the world of laser technology since it is the first time I have had the opportunity to utilize a laser from inside the patient's oral mucosa, which is the deepest level of the skin layer, to add firmness. Without injecting filler, "Inside Out Lifting" fully restores youthfulness to the face while also miraculously lifting the corners of the mouth and cheek creases. Also, the lips will look fuller so, when smile, it gives a Lisa Black Pink-style sweetness.”

“The combination of these two technologies will result in a flawlessly youthful appearance in each of the face's 6 dimensions. It increases effectiveness and prolongs the effects. All the way from the hairline to the neck, it can be applied. ‘Exclusive Personalized Beauty’ that I specifically created to preserve firmness and youthfulness, produce fuller-looking lips, elevate corners of the lips, get rid of cheek grooves, widen eyes, and raise eyebrows for the tightest and firmest results. Jawlines also look prominent from the first treatment at Nida Esth' Medical Centre only,” said Dr.Nida.


Why Sofwave™ @Nida Esth’

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A Commitment to Provide the Best Possible

Many of my patients travel across the continent from abroad or even from inside the nation to see me and receive only 1-2 hours of laser treatments. I couldn't let them down considering the distance and time they traveled to meet me. Every patient's determination has driven me to always seek the best for them. Therefore, in order to provide the best possible, I continually strive to learn and always improve myself as well as searching for the best technologies and innovations that deliver the the most promising and satisfying results.

"I would like to express my gratitude to Hello Magazine Thailand for honoring Nida Esth’ Medical Centre with the title of "Leader in Aesthetic Laser Technology of the Year 2022" for the innovative “6D Face LOG” or “Lunch Time Face Lift” program with no pain, no injections, no surgery, and immediate effects can be safely observed in all 6 facial dimensions.


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