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What is ADSC Younger or Stem Cell for Facial Rejuvenation (Stem Cell Younger)?

ADSC Younger is an advanced medical science that combines Surgical Science and Bio-Cellular Science with a proprietary technique to modify the face and skin to look rejuvenated and naturally younger than the actual age with Stem Cell for Facial Rejuvenation (Stem Cell Younger) or the patient's own ADSC Stem Cell; this is a complete change in the history of traditional surgery.

This copyrighted advanced medical science was invented by Dr. Tonnard and Dr. Vapale, two famous Belgian plastic surgeons. They invented a technique for using ADSC Stem Cell to assist patients suffering from facial problems and congenital disabilities including the case that the face is damaged from accidents or malfunctions from various diseases for the first time.

Both surgeons came together to devise and develop an advanced technique for extracting stem cell for facial rejuvenation (Stem Cell Younger) in a complex form together with the actual application in patients; Micro ADSC and Nano ADSC extraction has been achieved, which are used to modify the facial structure, rejuvenate and restore youthfulness miraculously.


How is ADSC YOUNGER By Bio-Z-tem or Stem Cell for Facial Rejuvenation (Stem Cell Younger) able to grant you the eternal youth?

Nida Esth' Medical Center and Lt. Col. Piya Rungruxsiri are among the cosmetic surgeon and only a few medical institutions from around the world who have been selected to acknowledge this advanced medical science.


Pol. Lt. Col. Piya uses his own unique art to build upon the original European Surgical Technique as a special "ADSC Younger Premier" technique or stem cell for facial rejuvenation (Stem Cell Younger) that has been designed to suit the structure of Asian face: proven results with the difference without waiting. On the basis of safety by using stem cell for facial rejuvenation (Stem Cell Younger) or the patient's own ADSC Stem Cell to repair and rejuvenate the face and deteriorated skin (Auto-Transplant) with Bio-Z-tem Technology, the latest cell extraction technique that can create youthfulness in 2 steps:


Is the science of creating a new dimension of facial contour (facial dimensions) with ADSC that has undergone a special process of extraction and screening in a laboratory by specialized cellular physicians until the alive ADSC and Micro-Fat Globule have been maintained in order to fill the structure of the face to wonderfully make it look younger.

2. Bio-Filling

Is to "add Pure ADSC", a pure ADSC Stem Cell from your body to replenish the missing and aging cells from the skin layer. It also increases the creation of collagen & elastin from the cellular level with various biological growth factors to strengthen the “cell-repair-cell process”, to reverse, and slow down aging without non-surgical method.

The pure stem cell for facial rejuvenation (Stem Cell Younger) or ADSC Stem Cell, extracted by this proprietary process, has been clinically analyzed to be healthy and able to divide into new cells effectively which is successfully accepted by leading medical journals at the international level.


Procedures of ADSC YOUNGER or Stem Cell for Facial rejuvenation (Stem Cell Younger)  by Bio-Z-tem program


1. Pre- ADSC Transplant

  • Facial structure and skin layer analysis using technology from Germany, Skin Age Analysis and 3D Facial Analysis from USA.
  • Get a personal consultation with a medical team to design a treatment.
  • Oxidative Stress Test measures free radicals that cause cellular aging (for patients who decide to treat).

2. ADSC MicroTransplant

  • The surgeon will design and simulate the facial position to be treated with a 3D camera based on anatomy medical principles in order to create a personalized beauty with specific details that differ depending on age, problems, and original facial anatomy to achieve the results of beauty and youth that cannot be imitated.
  • Apply anesthetic cream on the designated position to feel comfortable and relaxed while receiving treatment.
  • The surgeon will use a special tool to "aspirate" fat tissue from the body, usually fat around the abdomen or the inner legs. Thanks to this special technique, the extractable ADSC maintains its perfect viability.
  • The resulting adipose tissue is extracted ADSC from adipose tissue using the Bio-Z-tem method, the advanced medical technique copyright from Europe.
  • Pure ADSC obtained will be passed on to the surgeon to "add" to the face and skin layers.
  • Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) – A low-intensity laser – will be scanned onto facial skin to enhance an ADSC cell repairing cells process.


3. Post ADSC Transplant 

  • Daily: ADSC Growth Factor Extract for home use 
  • Weekly:
    • Go to follow-up to see a doctor.
    • Continue rehabilitation with LLLT to enhance the effectiveness of treatment.


Treatment Method with ADSC YOUNGER by Bio-Z-tem Program

  1. Oxidative Stress Test
  2. Fat extraction from the appropriate areas with special instruments by skilled surgeons to maintain healthy adipose tissue life that is ready for further processing of Bio-Z-tem technology.
  3. Adjust the facial structure and rejuvenate with ADSC YOUNGER By Bio-Z-tem technique by dividing the process into 2 techniques.​​​​​​​
    • Bio-Contouring Technique – face contouring that creates a unique dimension by adding more dimensions to the face.
    • Bio-Filling Technique – Rejuvenation of the skin by adding firmness to the skin and ton all over the face to make it look younger than the real age.


How is ADSC Younger by Bio-Z-tem superior to other technique?

  • Safe - Safer because the youthful dimension is extracted from "Your own cell”
  • Immediately Result - Youthfulness creates a dimension to the facial contour immediately after treatment; there is no need to wait.
  • Single Treatment - One treatment is needed, no time wasted, no repetition
  • Very Long Lasting Result - Long-term youthfulness that brings you the eternal youth.


Why choose stem cell for facial rejuvenation (Stem Cell Younger) or ADSC Younger by Bio-Z-tem at Nida Esth'?

  1. It is a unique technique from Europe acknowledged by Lt. Col. Piya Rungruxsiri and Nida Esth' who have been selected to be the only stem cell for facial rejuvenation (Stem Cell Younger) or ADSC Younger technique provider in Thailand and in this region. The technique has been applied to patients in order to reduce the aging appearance and adjust the facial dimension for a perfectly youthful appearance with real results proven by patients around the world.
  2. Accurate facial structure analysis with Vectra 3D, a technology for simulating 3D facial features from the United States; it is ready to find the cause of the facial aging from deep inside by reaching the cellular level with the oxidative stress test; it can definitely solve individual problems precisely.
  3. With the concept of "precision in every beauty degree" combined with "Specialization in Facial Design" of Lt. Col. Piya Rungruxsiri who is a board-certified plastic surgeon from the medical council, a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Thailand, a member of the Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons of Thailand, and a membership to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Piya's ADSC Younger Premier has gained international recognition.

With all the science and art of this stem cell for facial rejuvenation (Stem Cell Younger) or ADSC YOUNGER by Bio-Z-tem, it changes the history of facial surgery to be youthful, firm, and rejuvenating through non-surgical means. From Auto-Transplant (Using self-cells for cell transplantation) theory, it magically creates a new dimension to a face with a long-lasting result. It is safe, hypoallergenic, and no risk of infecting with the result of eternal rejuvenation in the hands of a specialist surgeon with a technique that is the only highest privilege in Southeast Asia.

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